Office 2003 SpreadsheetML Format

Files are flat XML.

XML Schemas

They are normally distributed in Office2003XMLSchema.exe. The linked schemas were extracted from the package with MD5 sum e967500ef68df1e8ef86b493304b5157.

Each XSD is governed by a license which can be found near the top of the file.

There is a slight conflict between the Word and Spreadsheet office.xsd that specifically applies to the version number pattern:

--- SpreadsheetML Schemas/office.xsd
+++ WordprocessingML Schemas/office.xsd
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
 			<xsd:documentation>Defines a version number format.</xsd:documentation>
 		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
-			<xsd:pattern value="[0-9]?[0-9].[0-9]{4}"></xsd:pattern>
+			<xsd:pattern value="([0-9]?[0-9].[0-9]{4})|([0-9]?[0-9])"></xsd:pattern>
 	<xsd:element name="File" type="FileElt">
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@
 	<xsd:complexType name="OfficeDocumentSettingsElt">
-			<xsd:element name="DownloadComponents" form="qualified" minOccurs="0">
+			<xsd:element name="DownloadComponents" type="xsd:string" form="qualified" minOccurs="0">
 					<xsd:documentation>Not used by Microsoft Office Word 2003 or Microsoft Office Excel 2003.</xsd:documentation>